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    Meet Quincy

    Meet Quincy! He has a lot of energy, and does well with dogs and people of all ages! He loves to play all the time.  He enjoys hikes, fetch, and going for a jog beside a bicycle or longboard and likely would do well with rollerblades, though he&rsqu... Read More

    Meet Princess

    Hello everybody. My name is Princess. I'm an older, shy lady with a heart of gold. I was surrendered when my previous owner couldn't look after me anymore. I have only lived with only older women so I'm still figuring men out and if they can be trusted.. s... Read More

    Meet Biscuit

    What is delicious and goes "Meow"... a Bis-CAT! hehe. Hi my name is Biscuit and I'm a sweetie pie. I'm a bit of an older boy so I love curling up with my humans for a long nap or finding a perch to gaze out the window. I'm pretty easy going and will adjust... Read More

    Meet Reese's Pieces

    Hi everybody, my name is Reese's Pieces and trust me.. you want a Reese of me! The pieces part of my name is for all the little dots on my nose, but you can always just call me Reese. I came into care with my three other siblings but I'm currently in my ow... Read More

    Meet Toblerone

    Hey guys, my name is Toblerone but my friends call me Toby... want to be one of them? I'm definitely a mega chocolate bar because I'm a big boy! I came into care with my three other siblings but I'm currently making new friends in my own foster home. I'm a... Read More

    Meet Twix

    My name is Twix because I'm the underrated golden chocolate - not as popular but twice as sweet. I came into care with my three other siblings and am currently living with my sister Kitkat. I'm more quiet and shy at first but once I trust you I'm super lov... Read More

    Meet Kitkat

    Looking for a late night sweet? That's me! My name is Kitkat and I came into care with my three other siblings. I'm a sweet little lady with a big heart. Right now, I'm living with my sister Twix. I'm a super snuggly girl and I love following my humans aro... Read More

    Meet Sarge

      Sargent Sarge here calling all of his cadets for final call.  ?? Sarge has the ultimate mission, and he needs his top people to help him succeed. Failure is not an option!  Sargent is what my colleagues call me, but you can c... Read More

    Meet Colby

    Hiiiiiii. My name is Colby becuase of the coal colour of my furr. I'm a super sweet boy that loves other kitties. At the shelter, all I wanted to do was meet them! I'm currently living by myself but I would be great with other animals in my furrever home. ... Read More

    Meet Thalia

    Hello there everyone! My name is Thalia. I’m a gentle young girl who came into NASAP in the summer from one of our partner shelters. Since I was very young at the time, NASAP thought it would be best to give me my own siblings and mom to take care of... Read More

    Breaking News

    PAWsome Updates


    Looking for new ways to help - we would love your stinky bottles! 

    Help NASAP by donating your empty bottles!! 

    All money raised goes towards our furry fosters! 

    click the link to Register today!!



    If you have concerns about wildlife in your area please contact WILD NORTH

    Their website is  https://wildnorth.ca or

    call their Wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118



    Thank You!

    NASAP sincerely thanks Robin Serson for submitting NASAP to receive a $2000 grant from Benefaction!! 

    NASAP sincerely thanks Jackie for the $1000 grant for volunteering!! 


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